Tsuka gets a squeeze from one of his favorite Sheppies.

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It all started when I was getting my first fursuit back in 2007 and decided to barter some of my photographic skills with RooFurs to get a discount! haha. Within a few months suiters were asking to come to my studio and get good shots of their suits. Then I made a photo badge for my buddy Woofer…. and that was it. OMG THATS SOOO COOL CAN I HAS ONE!? Next thing I know we are shooting as a dealer at RCFM and selling photo badges. We had a blast, the suiters had a blast… it was awesome. FWA recognized the potential of what we were doing and invited us to FWA 2009 - Safari. We built a fake tiki hut, built some props and the version of Furshoot that you know and love today was born. Since then we've been making sets and entertaining suiters every year. We are currently expanding our range and working beyond FWA bringing the show to Megaplex as well. If you'd like to be the next convention to have the official Furshoot Experience use the contact page to get in touch with us.

The Team

Furshoot is more than just me (Tsuka) It's a huge team effort. It couldn't happen without our string photographers, production artists, set builders, sales staff, wranglers, and assistants. It's a REAL fashion studio experience brought to the furry fandom.

Principal Members

Tsuka - Director and Principal Photographer
Tonka - Set Design and Business Management

Best Paws

Char - String Photographer
Joshua - String and Studio Photographer
Woofer, Scraps, Yoshima, Ford - Wranglers


Mune, Jessie Elliot, Fuzzy Red Bull - Wranglers

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